5th February 2018

V4 Application Extremely slow syncing on mobile

We have identified an issue related to the servers that handle syncing to mobile, the issue appears to be a faulty CPU and has been confirmed as an issue with the server hosts. Our server provider moved us from the faulty server to a functioning one Monday morning, however, they also appear to have moved dozens/hundred of other servers at the same time, causing significant degradation to our performance.

Once this was identified as the issue, our team have been working to bring more servers online to even out these performance issues and bring our syncing speeds back up to an acceptable rate. We have already made a number of adjustments to the network to streamline the syncing. These went live this morning. We are also planning to bring new servers online and while these servers will be operating at 50% capacity (due to the sheer number of servers being moved) we are trying to simply bring online 2 or 3 new servers to balance it all out.